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About the ILA

Founded twenty years ago, the ILA provides a forum for lawyers practising in the fields of insolvency law and restructuring practice to co-operate on matters of professional interest, to network, to share know-how, and to represent the ILA's view to regulators and to other professional bodies having an interest in insolvency law and restructuring practice.

The ILA is comprised of both barristers and solicitors who come from a variety of backgrounds throughout the UK including leading insolvency chambers, specialist insolvency firms, the insolvency and restructuring practice groups of larger commercial firms and in-house legal departments of financial, investment and management institutions. The ILA aims to cater for the needs of insolvency lawyers advising on matters of personal insolvency, corporate restructuring and insolvency, and cross border restructuring and insolvency, both in the UK and overseas.

In light of the fact that a significant number of insolvency and restructuring matters today have a substantial cross-border element, many major financing structures have English as their governing law and having regard to the benefits of sharing insolvency and restructuring know-how and contacts across continents, the ILA Council believes that it should afford membership of the ILA to those overseas practitioners who have demonstrated professional excellence and expertise in their home jurisdictions in the field of insolvency and restructuring.

Overseas Members' benefits

To inform and assist its members, the ILA regularly publishes by email Technical Bulletins on significant and topical insolvency cases and legislation, which are prepared by the ILA's Technical Committee. Themed bulletins are also produced by the Technical Committee on areas of particular and practical interest. The Technical Bulletins and Themed Bulletins are also archived for the benefit of members in the Know-How section of the ILA's new website, which is a comprehensive database of insolvency and restructuring cases and legislation and is a unique resource for ILA members.

The ILA holds an Annual Conference for its members at a different venue in the UK during spring of each year, with leading speakers from the judiciary, the Bar, solicitors' firms and universities, dealing both with developments in black letter law and the practical implications of changes to insolvency and restructuring practice in the UK and across Europe. The Annual Conference also provides a great opportunity for leading lawyers to network informally with one another and to build professional relationships with their peers in the field across the UK and Europe.

In November each year the ILA also holds its flagship annual black tie dinner at the Natural History Museum in London together with Annual Lecture by senior judges, both of which have become 'must attend' events in the legal calendar. Overseas practitioners will have a chance to meet and network with many of the leading players in the UK insolvency and restructuring community on a single evening.

Overseas Membership costs and eligibility

Overseas Membership costs £162 per annum inclusive of VAT (£135 plus VAT at 20%) or £135 where VAT is not applicable.

To become an overseas member, candidates must either be invited by ILA Council members or applicants should provide references from at least two full members of the ILA who know the applicant and who can vouch for his or her competence in insolvency law and restructuring practice.

For more information on becoming an overseas member please contact ILA Council Member Justin Bickle.

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